Welcome to THE secret…a unique blend of Hawaii, Bali, ‘Lord of the Rings’- New Zealand, Galapagos and MORE,
all located in a superlative sustainable tropical temperate island paradise, on exquisite verdant volcanic gemstones,
oozing with natural hot & cold water springs, bursting with dynamic pristine vitality and heritage, in the azure cetacean infested mid Atlantic, at Europe’s western edge, and also just a few hours from Boston & Toronto. Here, sitting on the edge of many edges, this unparalleled destination allows the best of all worlds, and awaits the exploration of a discerning few…

Our Elemental Adventure Spa covers some of the MOST sensational parts of the Azores…
Located on, San Miguel Island, the most diverse, lush-green island of the Azores, just 40 minutes highway drive from Azores’ major international city & airport, Ponta Delgada.

Elemental Adventure Spa is located in Europe’s most bio-diverse valley system…

Where, in the mouth of a volcano, ringed by the mountains forming the volcano’s edge, & yet also beside the sea – thousands of different trees & plant species reside, and where remarkably in this fertile EARTH every plant & tree species in the World can grow, other than the few that require sub-zero temperatures to germinate!

Where, on land – single & multi-day&night beaching, climbing, caving, hiking, biking, 4×4 touring opportunities abound, along with explorations of local heritage sites, arts & crafts, gastronomy, and community sustainability efforts.

Where, in sea & valley the abundant volcano FIRE produces naturally occurring scrub & mudpack for therapeutic massage ! as well as natural underground ovens to stew & boil delicious meals!

Where, the myriad WATERS of clear mild-temperature volcanic crater lakes, streams, waterfalls & sea provide ample adventure opportunities (including swimming, diving, some of the densest worldwide populations of whales & dolphins, inland & deep-sea (mainly ‘catch & release’) fishing for trout & tuna etc, surfing, kayaking, yachting, cliff-diving, etc.

Where, in the AIR – birdwatching for some of the rarest birds, shearwaters, and even paragliding alongside the endemic Azorean buzzards.

Where, astronomical observations into OUTER SPACE, in some of the world’s clearest & cleanest skies, yield mesmerizing starry rewards.

The unique ‘Ease on Edge : Elemental Adventure Spa’ phenomenon is a multi-faceted diamond hiding within the Azores which redefines & upgrades the whole concept of an international luxury spa.

‘Ease on Edge Elemental Adventure Spa’ hosts select guests in several intimate, luxury-designer locations including:

'Caverna do Alchemista' / Cave of the Alchemist EAS:

An artistic minimalist fusion of rustic-stone, local wood, mod-cons, and postmodern-glass, all set in a friendly local heritage community amidst wild bamboo, giant eucalyptus, acacia, tree ferns and spiraling buzzards, with its own natural drinking & bathing spring water, within minutes walk/hike from key town and country amenities/sites (including the volcanic crater lake, the caldeiras, natural hot springs, & Terra Nostra park) and with stunning views up through glass roofs into sky & foliage as well as from outside spa bath & terraces across the picturesque heritage town and towards the stunning circular rim of the surrounding Furnas volcanic ridge.

'Moinho de Batista' / Mill of the Baptist EAS:

A charming old 1877 mill-home, set in its own tropical & temperate garden of glorious isolation in central Furnas, beside green fields of delicious yams, the volcanic warm yellow river, and the magnificent Terra Nostra park & hot springs which it overlooks, and just minutes walk from the other sites & amenities of Furnas.

'Ethereal Edge/Terra Eterea' EAS:

A unique ancient paradisiacal ‘quinta’ of tropical & temperate orchards and rainforest, with its own stream and sparkling mineral water, embedded with designer ‘creativity caves’ of volcanic stone & glass, a skylight observatory for those starry nights,
a wood-fired infinity spa bath for therapeutics in natural sparkling water, and all situated on the edge of sea and volcano,
fishing village and rainforest, with hot thermal vents (including on the beach), cliff-top hiking paths, direct private access to beach
and an abundance of whales & dolphins offshore.